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Tully Washington Reed 1856-1910

Tully Washington Reed and Katie Thompson Reed

Tully Washington Reed was born 22 March 1856 in Barnwell County, South Carolina to Samuel and Matilda Willis Reed.  Katie Thompson was born 4 August 1860 to Henry Melville Thompson and Josephine Matthews.  

Tully and Katie were married 12 May 1880 at the Baptist Church in Williston, SC, by the Rev. Al Buist.  
(Source:  The Working Christian, May 20, 1880 compiled in Marriage and Death Notices from Baptist Newspapers of South Carolina, 1866-18,  published in the South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research [database on-line at])

The Tully Reed Family
Standing, from left:  Norman McCloud Reed (1886-1955), Leila E. Reed (1882-1970), Tully Washington Reed, Josephine Matilda Reed (1884-1970).  
Seated, from left:  Laurie Tully Reed (1889-1938), Katie Thompson Reed

Left to right:  Norman M. Reed, unknown woman (background, light dress), Josephine Matthews Thompson (background, dark dress with apron), Tully W. Reed, Katie Thompson Reed, Josephine M. Reed, Laurie T. Reed, Leila Reed. 

Grandchildren of Tully & Katie Thompson Reed.  
Back, from left:  Elizabeth Reed, Norma Reed, McCloud Reed, Katie Thompson Reed, Elmo Brodie.  
Front:  Tully Reed, Catherine Brodie

Grandchildren of Tully and Katie Reed, taken about 1922.  
From left:  Myrtle Reed, Catherine Brodie, Lilah Reed, Elizabeth Reed, L. Tully Reed, Norma Reed, Charles Reed, N. McCloud Reed.  The oldest of the grandchildren Elmo Brodie is not seen, but there is a pair of feet, presumably his, to the left of Myrtle. 

 Henry Melville Thompson and Josephine Matthews Thompson, parents of Katie Thompson Reed.  

Family H. M. and Josephine Matthews Thompson
From left.  BACK:  Katie Thompson, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Thompson; George G. Thompson, Henry Melville Thompson, Jessie Thompson, William G. Thompson.  
FRONT:  John G. Thompson [with dog], Robert G. (Bobby) Thompson, Benjamin Thompson [in lap], Josephine Matthews Thompson [seated], Martha (Mattie) Thompson, Rivie Thompson; Josephine (Dodie) Thompson, Mary (Mamie Thompson.  

Tully Washington Reed died 13 March 1918 in Williston, SC.  Click here to see Tully's probate records. 

After Tully's death, Katie went to live with her daughter Josie (Mrs. Fred Parker) in Pantego, North Carolina.   In 1925 she made an extended visit back home to Williston. 

In 1929, 6 months after the death of Fred Parker and after the school year was over, Katie and Josie visited Williston together.  This was likely Katie's last trip to Williston.  She died six months later. 

Katie Thompson Reed died on 16 December 1929 in Pantego, NC.  

Tully and Katie are buried at Williston Cemetery.  

Many thanks to Josie Reed (great-granddaughter of Tully W.  and Katie Reed) for all of these photographs.  

The newspaper articles were gleaned from Genealogy Bank and are used with permission.  

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